Case Results

Since 2000, the attorneys of the Gomez Law Firm have obtained over $170 million in verdicts and settlements for their clients with more than 30 settlement or verdicts more than one million dollars each.  Many of our results are actual jury verdicts because, unlike many attorneys, we actually take many of our cases to trial.  Among our recent verdicts and settlements are:

Wrongful Death
$106,000,000 Jury Verdict

Brain Injury/Auto Accident
$13,500,000 Jury Verdict

Brain Injury/Cervical Fracture
$10,800,000 Million Jury Verdict

Civil Rights/Wrongful Death
$2,100,000 gross jury verdict for death of a prisoner

Auto Accident/Ankle Injury
$1,700,000 jury verdict

Emotional Distress Only
$1,600,000 Jury Verdict

Auto Accident/Knee Injury
$1,400,000 million jury verdict

Nursing Home Elder Abuse
$1,338,000 jury verdict

Financial Elder Abuse/Real Estate Fraud
$1,267,500 Jury verdict; Confidential settlement prior to punitive damage phase

School Sexual Abuse
$1,250,000 jury verdict

Emotional Distress Only
$950,000 Jury Verdict

Brain Injury
$5,200,000 Settlement

Burn Injury
$3,000,000 settlement

Knee Injury
$2,100,000 Settlement

Nursing Home Abuse
$1,600,000 Settlement

Motorcyle Accident/ Arm Injury
$1,500,000 settlement for uninsured biker

Auto Accident
$1,200,000 Settlement

Dangerous Roadway Condition
$1,150,000 settlement

Sexual Assault 
$750,000 settlement

Shoulder Injury
$550,000 settlement

Hand Injury (Premises Liability)
$495,000 settlement

Slip and Fall Accident
$400,000 Settlement

Knee Injury
$385,000 settlement

Foot Injury
$350,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice
$350,000 settlement

Medical Malpractice
$342,000 settlement

Foot Injury (Premises Liability)
$337,500 partial settlement

Medical Malpractice
$225,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice
$150,000 settlement

Auto Crash
$100,000 settlement ($6,000 past medical expenses)

SUV Rollover (Roof Crush/Wrongful Death)
Confidential Settlement

Business Dispute Regarding Trading Card Concept
Confidential Settlement

SUV Rollover (Death and Other Injuries)
Confidential Settlement

Automobile Defects (Park to Reverse)
Confidential Settlement

Product Liability (Paraplegic)
Confidential settlement

SUV Rollover & Tire Failure (Death and Other Injuries)
Confidential settlement

SUV Rollover (Roof Crush) (Traumatic Brain Injury)
Confidential Settlement

Lap-Belt Only Case Resulting in Enhanced Injuries
Confidential Settlement

Sexual Harassment
Confidential Settlement

Confidential settlement

Pregnancy Discrimination
Reinstatement, Back Pay, Damages & Attorneys Fees

* Please note that every case differs and that results in other cases do not constitute a warranty or guarantee of any particular result in your case.

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