Motorcycle Accident Statistics

In California there are now 84% more registered motorcycles on the road then ten years ago. According to the NHTSA, during that time, injuries and deaths in all motor vehicle accidents have declined. However, injuries in motorcycle crashes have risen 110%. The numbers of fatalities in those crashes have increased 116% over the same period. As the deaths and serious injuries continues to outpace the growth of registered bikes on the road, it becomes apparent that, despite increased safety measures such as garments and helmets, if you ride a motorcycle you have an increasing chance of injury or death.

Speeding and alcohol use by motorcyclists do contribute to these statistics, but increasingly investigators are finding that auto and truck drivers are distracted more than ever. The use of cell phones, both hands free and hand held, along with texting while driving, has contributed to a decrease in driver concentration. According to an article in Brain Research, the brain experiences a 37% drop in activity in the region used for navigation when a driver uses a hands-free cell phone. This affects split-second decision making and reflexes. The typical motorcycle accident allows the motorcyclist less than 2 seconds to avoid a collision. The auto driver doesn’t have much more time than that. In these cases tragedy is inevitable. 

Establishing liability in a serious motorcycle accident is challenging and requires an expert’s knowledge and resources to investigate fully the events surrounding a crash. Eye witness accounts, historically, are not always the most reliable. If you’ve been injured or a loved one’s been killed in a crash, contacting an experienced and aggressive San Diego motorcycle accident attorney can be the most important decision you make.    

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